Women can, should, and will make the First Move

Britney Spears proposed to her husband Kevin Federline, Kristen Bell proposed to hubby Dax Shepard on Twitter.

A quick question to my readers, have you ever thought?

What is so fancy about this news that they hit the Headlines and started trending?

Have you ever seen trending news about a boy proposing to a girl?

I was in Goa for an office trip; I had taken up remote working to spend some time alone. The beach was almost empty, except for a young man sitting next to me with his laptop. We had been staring glances at each other for the past 2-3 hours but neither of us approached. I finished a zoom call and saw him packing his stuff. He is leaving, I’d be back to my emptiness, scrolling my googly eyes across the shack watching him leave without saying a word. Walking through the sands back to my room wondering if I’d ever see him again.

But no matter, how many cute boys I’d spot I would never utter a word unless the boy approaches me. Why? Because that’s the way I was conditioned, I was always grown up listening that it was a man’s job to do the approaching. The societal norms expect the boy to make the first move. If the opposite happens, the girl is judged. If a woman is the initiator, she is perceived as aggressive, desperate, and not the womankind.

13th Feb 2021, the World Witnessed another Historic Moment when Whitney Wolfe Herd the youngest woman CEO hit the NASDAQ Bell holding her 1-year-old son declaring Bumble goes Public.


The only dating app that breaks society’s norm and let’s women make the first move. The app was launched in 2014 with an aim to empower women. It shakes the antiquated dating norms and challenges the outdated gender norms. It gives the swipe right and first message feature only to its female users. Resonating with the brand’s positioning statement, the relationships are better if they begin with women’s consent.

Why men? Why only men? Why always men?

Bumble is a testament to new beginnings, new paradigms, and new norms.

The forgotten ritual of Indian Ancient times - Swayamvara is a perfect demonstration of the concept Bumble is reiterating – Women Empowerment. In the present times where the discussion on Love Versus Arranged is so prevalent, Bumble has hit the right spot.

Was it always like this?

The great Indian epics – Ramayana & Mahabharata portrays the significant ritual of Indian Women selecting grooms for them. On the day of Swayamvara, the bride uses to announce her choice or select the most eligible groom by a test of courage and competitiveness.

Despite the ritual being said to empower women, there were hinges as the bride was only seeing the boys for the first time, plus the brides were the young virgin maidens while grooms could be of any age.

If I am supposed to define Swayamvara today, I would say it was an event that gave women the power to swipe as many men as she wanted until she gets the right one...

Whoa!! that's not just woman power but the RIGHT to choose whom as a woman you wanna love, play and climax within your life.

Bumble tried to tap into the positives of Swayamvara while bridging the negatives of the same and provide women the complete right to accept the proposal or relationship to their CHOICE and CONSENT. unlike, any other dating app, Bumble extends the relationship beyond dating to friendship, sex, marriage, or pure business.

Check out the Perceptual Map, How Bumble Unleashed the Huge Potential around Women Centric Dating Sites


Bumble aims at rewriting the Rules, and the same resonate well through their various social media branding campaigns. Apart from the organic social media campaigns, Bumble as a brand has also collaborated with a lot of micro-influencers and that’s it.

Great Marketing is simple...so simple that people talk about the brand naturally …. and that’s what Bumble believes and does every day.

Since, their official launch in 2014, Bumble has been a potential threat to the market leader in the online dating industry – Tinder by Match Group.

Some Interesting Facts –

  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas & Serena Williams are investors in Bumble

  • CEO of Bumble was earlier working in Tinder and left after filing a sexual harassment case against an ex-employee.


By Dr. Ridhima Bhanot Sharma (Chief Strategist – Markasm)

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