Nescafe Gold - New Kid on the Block

This Friday I take some time to review a product, place, or experience in hopes I'll inspire someone to try something new!

This week is all about one of my favourite things in life: COFFEE. I brought some Coffee from Nescafe. Almost every North Indian thinks that Nescafe is the only Coffee Brand although even I am a fan of it this time it was Nescafe Gold which made me realize that it can do wonders more.

The package included:

- A coupon for a free Coffee-Mate bliss

- 2 packs of instant coffee

- 1 pack of instant cappuccino

Growing up, I always remember the standard kitchen benchtop items always included a sugar jar, a box of teabags, and a jar of Nescafe for my parent's daily coffee. As time went on, I began having a cup with them too, and even adding it into my recipes. Now that I have my own home, I always keep a jar in my kitchen as well.

The new Gold coffee is another step forward in sustainability for Nescafe as well because this new ethically-sourced kid on the block has been independently certified.

Although it is very common in Indian Houses that mothers don't allow for coffee but sometimes a younger lot of people go for it and make it their Trend Session for society.

The exceptional marketing campaign I should say – the ads, the signature tune. The brand name is synonymous with coffee as in many hotels it’s just called Nescafe and is priced higher but it provides energy at work and sometimes when you’re lazy.

If you remember Dalgona Coffee, Instagram and Facebook were flooded with the same but I remember it got some roots from the 70s and 80s. People were only making Dalgona Coffee but now it's that same old coffee is back. I must say Nescafe has done a lot with new and entertaining ads in the market.

Wo kehte hain naa ki “KARNE SE HI HOTA HAI.”

Coffee makes you feel happier.