Love the Motion (for you need to cum together #cometogether)

"Sex is emotion in motion"

Make West, American Actress and Singer.

Hello from the land of Kamsutra where sex itself is an unethical word. We teach Sex but fail to discuss it. Funny isn’t it? Much like my previous article of Whisper, where I comprehended how some brands become shameless to do what our parents must have done (Sex education)and should do.

Alright, in the month of love just tune in to “crazy in love” and let’s just promise to our respective partners that their satisfaction means a lot to you.

After all "Sex without Love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex"- Hunter J Thompson.


On what am I talking: Sex or Love

Well, I am talking about a perfect ejection for a delightful orgasm….all together.

Sounds 😋

As Markasm (Oops Marketing plus orgasm) has decided to take Valentine and Marketing to all together a new level let's discuss about a brand that has re-defined what Love making should taste, smell and feel like,

The brand DUREX (the name is an amalgamation of three words: Durability, Reliability, and Excellence…..What else you want in Sex.. I mean LOVE😉)

Durex believes that good sex should be for everyone.

It says- “Let's worry less about how sex should look and celebrate how it can feel. We believe in sex that’s open, honest, messy, and fun.  We believe that a fun and safe sex life should be everyone’s to enjoy, no matter who you are or who you’re with. We believe in recognizing the problems, and fighting to fix them. Sex that feels good - and does good.”

If you are a marketer, then you know, for sure that Durex is expediting the marketing standards of advertisement and is launching several products that were just not thought of before. Listing some of them down apart from Condoms:

  1. Durex play massage: A lubricant that just sorts up the uncomfortable sex and Eases vaginal dryness & intimate discomfort whilst creating an exotic and adventurous experience for both of you.

  2. K-Y Jelly water-based lubricating gel - 82gms: relief from itching, burning, irritation, soreness, or pain during sexual intercourse which can affect your sexual intimacy

  3. Durex play vibrator pure fantasy: The Play Pure Fantasy vibrator is an exciting addition to the foreplay and can be used by you to make another splash of lust and pleasure. Compact yet powerful with an easy dial that you can always hit the right note

In the month of love. Let’s talk about some naughty valentine's creative which Durex took to another level.

But before scrolling down, let me take you on a romantic and seductive journey.

People say nothing can defeat the language of love but this time, let’s make it different, how about Language of Touch 🥰😍😘

Touch can be pleasurable, relaxing, affectionate, and even wild. Go deeper the language of touch is about taking her further, play with her hairs and keep telling her why you adore her and what exactly makes you so attracted towards her, comfort her body language. From a kiss on the cheeks to a soft massage, create your own unique dialect, complete the sentences she wants to say without spilling a word. Set the mood with those light candles, slow music, red wine, and a good fragrance all around. Grab her and pull her into your arms and ride the sexploration, till she says, yes, yess, yessss, yessss……

Now, look at the creative. Is it making sense?

Without using any sex positions, Durex conveyed the message clearly!

That's what we call "When you are class and not a crass your words need not do the magic… Your expression is enough"

Sumanjit Dass, Editor-in-chief, Markasm.

Now above, you had enough rides, yeah? Hahaha 😀😀

Let’s talk about Durex's positioning in India and its history of course!


T.T. Narasimhan was the person who thought of introducing condoms in India in the mid-1940s. He began by importing Durex condoms from London Rubber Company and, in 1963. It was a joint venture, the London Rubber Company (India) Ltd, to begin manufacturing condoms in Pallavaram in Madras (Madras 😀: The capital of Tamil Nadu. The state is the fourth most sexually passionate state..Maharashtra tops the list though). This was the era, where Family planning meant many children without any gaps of having them.

‘The name of the very first condom that we brought here was Durapac (later known as Durex. It was under a distribution arrangement with London Rubber Company (LRC). The Group had started LRC India, a joint venture between TTK and LRC, UK. The JV was renamed TTK LIG when LRC changed its name to London International Group. TTK LIG was the first of the Group companies to be publicly listed in 1974. (It was delisted later.)

Thora marketing Ho jaye ( The Marketing Insight)

Segmentation, Target, Positioning

  • The Urban profiles. Yes, the Condom industry Durex principally focused on the urban working class, those upper-white collar working people intersecting with the high society.

  • Their product range is divided into three main series: Fun & Adventure, Feeling & Intimacy, and performance series (Kinda the name says it all 😉)

  • Durex's main objective is to avoid unwanted pregnancy and banging the game of pleasure. Sex could be great with a piece of condom as well. Try the ultra-thin Durex condoms for such an experience. 😍


Durex needed to break the forbidden that went hand in hand with sex and related issues furthermore make it a socially acknowledged thing to wear condoms. So what Durex is trying to acquire the customers? They teach the non-clients about sex which can be great with different flavors, textures and lubricants condoms and making enthusiasm for safe sex (H Igor Ansoff: The Russian American Mathematician would place this in the Market development grid of his Ansoff Matrix).

The corner target portioned it as the premium brand. Likewise, the influence of the brand's value from its stature as No:1 in the International business helped it being seen as trust-commendable & great & fun.

Brand Awareness: What image just randomly crosses your mind when you hear Durex? I can’t resist thinking about the flight scene where a guy and a lady exchange sights, go to the laboratory and latch it from inside. The ad I am talking about is from #GoPlaces with Durex. The awareness here is measured via two parameters – Brand review and Brand distinguishment. The ads and recall have to have sexy, temptations, and lusty to get it remembered. Creating sensational ads and letting the non-client watch it can create a curiosity of having this condom which acts as a jack for this brand to create the high Brand review (Woo-Hoo Learning).

A high brand recall is important to get a brand recovered from its target audience’s memory. Brand distinguishment relies upon the recognition of the buyer with the brand. Had they encountered Durex sometime recently, their distinguishment of the brand when they see it again is measured here. In the brisk, low inclusion buy conduct depicted by the shoppers of this item class Brand distinguishment is critical as most choices are made at the store, given the decisions. India does not believe in the usage of Condoms and hence it is a low contribution item. Here the shoppers need strong psyche mindfulness', which will drive a zeal to them for spending those penny on condoms. This is the reason, Durex is blowing all the minds out there in their marketing and creatives to create a strong recall value.

This valentine’s let’s just #ComeTogether

A female has a higher sex drive and keeping that in mind Durex created awareness about orgasm inequality. They created the film which highlighted the fact that sex is great when you #ComeTogether. Ever tried doing it? You will be surprised to know that nearly 70% of women in India don’t orgasm every time they have sex but guess what, their partners are not even concerned and all they care about is their own orgasm. We are always keen to understand how this Lesbein thing works, right? I will tell you the reason, when the two of you have the same passion and drive for intimacy and both can do multiple orgasm, you don’t need to depend wholely on the partner’s orgasm call, that’s when you enjoy it. The same thing happens in the lesbian sex. You must have heard the word ‘Mard hai behek gaya’ and why is that? It is because men get aroused quickly, while women tend to take time. The same has been proved in a recent survey. The campaign has taken on the issue of orgasm inequality by normalizing conservations and providing product solution for both men and women so that they #ComeTogether, thereby helping reduce the orgasm gap. Durex understands the magic of sync and that’s why they have launched a product named, Durex Mutual Climax Condoms which speeds her up and calms him down so that they both peak the magic of orgasm together.

“The idea behind the film was to create awareness and to build conversation around the topic. The driving force behind the campaign is the philosophy that sex and pleasure are great when equal, fair and mutual." Bobby Pawar, chairman, and chief creative officer, Havas Group said.

Conclusion: Let’s play in the moment of love, grab your partner closer, hit on their spots, express the language of touch, ride on the game with this amazing safety cap on which do not fade the magic, split the timings, sync with their orgasm and #cometogether with Durex. Play safe, play longer, play together.

Happy Love or sex time but make it a perfect Valentine