How Pidilite's Fevikwik Brand is taking humorous approach to win customers

Being marketers we all know that marketing is ever evolving and there is no hard and fast rules to do it. Different brands and marketers always comes up (& have to) come up with different or unique ways not only to increase the customer base by making them purchase the product or service but also to increase the brand equity factor so that the brand recall & brand recognition increases too.

One such way is Humorous Advertisement, from being funny on their social media handles to creating advertisement campaigns which are humor driven, more and more brands are getting their hands dirty in depicting the brands message with funny anecdotes. No doubt it increases the brand recall factor by making people smile(sometimes laugh).

Talking about humorous advertisements there's one company who always comes up with something to crack up on : Pidilite - Fevikwik .

#1 TVC

Here, Fevikwik Brand used hockey to demonstrate the control of Fevikwik over the objects it is applied in a fun way using Rio Olympics frame.

#2 TVC

“ Todo Nahi Jodo” campaign is again one such example of how brands can be message oriented as well as funny at the same time. When we talk about our neighbor nation, the emotions are usually not on the positive side but Fevikwik took the initiative to not only pass a social message of unity but also made it in a funny not – but yes – without leaving the brand message behind.

Author : Ssk - Soniya Singh Khatkar