HIStory ENDs…. Let HER-STORY begin

Do you think your passion and obsession are enough to lead a herd, a team, a band, or your consumers?

Probably yes!! If it’s a short run drive

Ideally, to create a longer drive amongst your team members or consumers, it'sEnthusiasm” towards a goal that works the best.

The history has many advertisements both in print and broadcast media that showcased personal appeals like love (creating enthusiasm amongst its viewers and readers) in their ads. A mother's enthusiasm in letting her child win in life (Bournvita-Tayyari jeet ki), a wife’s enthusiasm to keep working non-stop for her family (Moov ad). The tagline of MOOV pain-relieving cream also essentially suggests “You need to move to let (your) world move” (tum karo move tohduniyachalein).

What essentially these ads promote is the enthusiasm of a woman for her family. Rare are ads that showcase women and their enthusiasm for themselves (I can name only a handful that showcased feminism in its truest spirit).

Like the ones

(Torches of Freedom, 1929)

In 1963, magazine writer-turned-housewife Betty Friedan published The Feminine Mystique, which sparked the second-wave feminist movement. Into the 1960s, cigarette companies continued to depict smoking for women as an activity of liberation and independence. This 1968 Virginia Slims advertisement sold an extra-long cigarette made especially for women under the tagline, “You’ve come a long way.”

From the 1980s to the early 1990s brands like power suit (Polo by Ralph Lauren) and Nike’sWomen’s Fitness campaign, engineered by copywriter Janet Champ and art director Charlotte Moore created a lot of hysteria around feminism. The Nike’s Fitness campaign ad “ A woman is often measured”, brought about so much publicity that Oprah read the text on her show and cried.

In early 2014, Dove launched its Real Beauty campaign, created by Ogilvy & Mather, which showcased women for their real beauty and not picture-perfect statistics.

The wake of 2019, saw the world's largest French cosmetics company “L’Oréal Paris” used their supremacy and potential to highlight a women aimed topic: “more equality, more opportunity” by promoting self-acceptance over self-enhancement through their eye-opening campaign with a series of ads headlined: “This is an ad for men” with the tagline, “Hire more women for leadership roles. We’re worth it.”

L’Orealwith their ad campaign took a bold stand with a visually inventive campaign that shared a strong message for men: don’t just celebrate women in business, hire more of them.

A print advertisement created by McCann, Germany for L’Oréal, inside the category: Beauty defines that “men and women are not better or worse, they are just different because their brains are wired differently”. It’s so inspiring to see the world's largest cosmetics company’s campaign prove that women in leadership and beauty can exist together. The company collected and analyzed several studies and data sets and came up with a strong message and visually striking infographics to tell men in power to hire more women. This ad blew up social media with its eye-opening creativity. The facts and figures were:

With women in 30% of management positions profitability increases by 15%.

Their 24% better performance in management reviews.

Women help to develop more innovations, for instance with 20% more patents every year.

The campaign ran in both top business magazines as well as women-oriented fashion and lifestyle publications like Vogue or Cosmopolitan, stressing that “Women which already include MEN in themselves are equally or even more capable than men in all aspects”.

Let’s talk about how L’oreal is enhancing it’s BRAND IMAGE through experience:

· Strategy: The target audience for L’oreal has always been women but this time with this ad campaign it positioned itself with a strong point-of-difference. Essentially its mission of empowering women was transformed into strong business advice for corporate decision-makers in companies. This not only enlightened the corporate world but created a sense of resonance among women with the brand L’oreal.

· Tactics: The empowerment campaign for female leaders were run on International Women’s Day across business magazines and economic online news. In a Facebook-post, McCann wrote: “To dramatize these facts, McCann created print ads that correct the perception of women leaders as less than men. To add a dose of humor, they directed the ads at men. To make them eye-catching, they used L’Oréal products to build the infographics. As a part of L’Oréal’s Women of Worth program, these ads ended up in both business magazines and fashion publications like Cosmopolitan and Vogue.

· Outcome: With a trivial budget, the campaign had a reach of over 5 million. The content was so viral that around the globe business forums and news channels showcased it multiplying its paid digital reach of 150,000 by 1003% through social reactions. The digital ads achieved a 20% higher viewability than average in Germany. If that was not all, many communities across the globe shared and supported the message. The campaign reached 1.8 million business leaders directly.

All these together lead to a spill-over effect for L’Oréal’spositive brand image, leading to massive rejoinders from business consultants, board members, global HR directors, and employees, thus bringing companies one step closer to recruit more women in leadership roles.

Author - Ayush Sharma

Co- Author - Sneha Agrawal, Deepika Singh