During our childhood we all have heard about the story Unity is strength, This means when you work together you are stronger. Here we will talk about the same--

We have noticed a major slow down in the various industries, still, there are some brands who haven't left any stone unturned by collaborating together and collectively came out with their extremely innovative ideas originally done for different purposes.

In the marketing world, this collaboration is known as Co-Branding. Co-branding is a marketing strategy that utilizes multiple brand names on a good or service as part of a strategic alliance.

Guess what? We have come up with the well-known companies who united with each other in recent times and came up with some exclusive product and services for their customers in the recent pandemic time. Mostly the brands which we talk about here are showcasing complementary qualities or characteristics creating Complimentary Co-Branding.

"Driving your attention towards one of the most famous brand tie-ups we've always been obsessed with." So, fasten Your seat belts because we will take you to an informative ride throughout our article—


Want to make your riding exciting and stylish? Then the Capsule Collection by Levi's×Royal Enfield is your solution.

The Clothing brand Levi’s which was founded back in the year 1873 has collaborated with the automation company Royal Enfield which was founded in 1955, recently on the 4th of September 2020 in their online e-commerce store with a collection called the Capsule Collection.

As we all know that the clothing brand Levi's portrays strength and roughness to all its customers from years from its apparel collection, on the other hand, the company Royal Enfield portrays a sense of independence, strength, and masculinity to the rider. So, they decided to came together with a classic collection that has all the abilities to complement a rider look.

This collection offers Jeans and jackets of CORDURA Denim and also a wide range of graphic t-shirts.

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The prices they have kept for their apparel in the capsule collection is ranging from Rs1499 to Rs7999.

The denim prices start at Rs 6999.

The Features of the Collection

It provides armor slots (Elbow, shoulder, and knee), A 3D pocket with a hidden zipper, High visibility reflective tape. All these are essential for a rider and Levi's ×Royal Enfield brings Essential with style to its customers through their capsule collection.

They also Offer Jeans and jackets from CORDURA Denim.

Now let’s talk about the values of this collection—

•It gives a sense of Originality and Authenticity.

• It also portrays Self Expression and a Sense of Independence for the rider.

•This collection brings a combination of strength and style.

The Marketing channels of this collaboration

This collaboration is introduced online they have done their Marketing through—

•Display Ads (Banner Ads and visual Ads)

•Social Media Ads (Posts on Instagram and Facebook)

•Blogs and vlogs (YouTube and other websites)

That was all about the Levis ×Royal Enfield. Now let us talk about the shoes which have the flavor of sauces. Yes, You are right we are talking about the Sauce Pack Collection by Addidas and Macdonalds.


The sauce pack collection by Addidas and Mcdonald's was launched in July 2020 with a limited edition of 50,000 units and their collection is dedicated to famous basketball players as they also put their flavors in their respective games.

This limited edition brings three variety of sneakers

1. HARDEN VOL.4 (JAMES HARDEN) Of Rs 12999 which portrays the famous green chilly sauce of Mcdonald's dedicated to James Harden. The main features of the players depicted here to step back, deep 3 balls, crazy handles, and the beard.

Fascinated about the shoe? Click on the shoe for more info.

2. DAME 6 (DAMIAN LILLARD) Of Rs 10999 which portrays the dipping sauce of Mcdonald's dedicated to Damian Lillard. The sweet n sour sauce is inspired by the duality of Lillard's game and shows his on and off-court personalities in addition to playing styles (the clutch gene, wrist-tap, layup package, and deep 3 balls).

If you wanna buy this shoe, then don't worry, you are just a click away!

3.TMAC 1 (TC MACGRADY) Of Rs 13999 which portrays the Big Mac Sauce of MacDonalds dedicated to Tc McGrady, inspired from playing forms, like the fadeaway jumper, deep 3 balls, and post-gam.

These tie-ups create an urban pop culture sentiment for unexpected interpretation in the sneaker landscape.

Marketing and Promotion

Now let us talk about the marketing and promotion channel this tie-up has taken –

1.Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

2.Blogs, Vlogs

3.Display Advertisements.

The customer feedback for this edition is good. The customers liked the color combination and find it a comfortable fit.

Now let Us talk about the last tie-up (Last but not the least) in the queue—

We are talking about the Uber and Flipkart tie-up


Uber which was founded back in the year 2009 for Cab services and the e-commerce website Flipkart which was founded in 2009, came up together for delivering essential services at your doorstep. As we know due to Covid -19 in recent times people cant always step out of their houses especially the elderly members so these two company has come up with their essential services with a noble cause.

This collaboration uses the mobility infrastructure of Uber and also create earning opportunities for the Uber Drivers.

This Collaboration has benefited the customers in the pandemic time also created earning opportunities for the Uber Drivers.

That was all about the company’s which came up together in the recent pandemic time and benefitted each other as well as their customers. From a Rider’s Look to essential services, this article gives you information of all.

Let us know what do u think, which companies should further tie up and bring some exclusive collection for you all? We hope you like it and refer to it. Until Next Time, See You.

Author - Anushka Raychowdhury

Co-Authors - Aman Gupta, Deepika Singh & Kshitiz Singh.