Colour Colour Which Colour Do You Want??? hhhhmmmm??? RED….

Colour colour which colour do you want? hhhhmmm?? Red., I am sure most of us reading this are aware of this Origami Fortune Teller, which I as a kid was very fond of and used to play with my friends, assuming that the colour I choose would decide my fortune or future. I used to be super- existed when the colour I picked would show – up a Doctor, Police or Engineer which were the common professions listed on the rear of the Origami, and dejected when the colour I picked used to show-up a thief or dacoit. Of course, those were the days which we all want to re-visit and live again. I am definitely not a fortune-teller or an Origami professional, I am just a marketing geek trying to relate my understanding and present the new trends that brands these days are adopting to market their products.

Who doesn’t love to have a colourful life?? A life without colour is just no good where there is no feeling, no emotion and people do not wish to have a dull and boring life. In our lives, hue plays an important & deciding parable, similar with brands too where the brand name, design, style is important so does the shade. When we see a red can, a yellow M, a white letter F surrounded by blue colour, a blue strip capital letter – what brands come to your mind? In every brand or product, colour represents a predominant element that makes their identity, recognition, and recall. The reason we are discussing colours in this reading is as Brands these days are revisiting subtle approaches by minimalistic combinations to promote their brands. Before we discuss these brands, let’s set the context of colours, what traits each colour represents, and which is the most favored of all? According to a study in the States, blue is the most favored colour followed by red, green, orange and others follow through. Red symbolizes excitement, passion, energy, desire, love, strength, and those traits are very revealing, Blue displays peace, unity, trust, harmony, loyalty, truth, Yellow represents joy, hope, happiness, friendship, Green idealizes the environment, health, youth, service, good luck, White defines purity, cleanliness, simplicity, innocence, Black shows power, sexuality, elegance, style, fear, wealth, mystery. Brands adopt these colour combinations organically and thoughtfully thoroughly representing the product's aesthetics.

Colour creates a specific mood in the mind of people and it is essential for engagement with the brand. It sets the mood of brand expression and creates a meaningful association with the brand. They give a visual identity to the brand from expression to execution and in every form of marketing communication. Colour is the first impression of customer perception with a brand and also create emotional associations. Belongingness to a brand and product is represented by the shades the brands use. The shades that brands use has subtle representations of the product and we are aware brands come up with innovative designs, colour pallet & combinations for their product and make it attractive to their customers.

Similar is the approach of this newly launched United Sodas of America. There, about page displays “WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED SODAS OF AMERICA, in order for a more perfect beverage, establish variety, ensure palatable tranquillity, provide for the extraordinary taste, promote the general refreshment and secure the blessings of flavor to ourselves and our posterity do ordain and establish this soda company for the people of America”. This brand aims at changing the perception of people towards soda by honing up with natural and diverse range of flavors ranging from classics like Coconut and Cherry to adventurous like ginger and strawberry. Of course, United sodas is available only in the States, but for marketing, the learning is beyond boundaries and continents. One would be bamboozled looking at this new approach that United Sodas has adopted. They have come with an innovative idea and a minimalist design giving maximum effect.

The designer gave innovative packaging and zoom in on the details of the colour palette. They’ve included 12 colours like a rainbow and launch 12 flavors, one of each they include in their flagship variety pack. A colour for every flavour gives a choice to the consumer, whatever the soda and the colour they love to go with. It’s just similar to a wall in our house, where we have the freedom to paint it with the colour we love. United Sodas have not only aesthetically designed their product but also, they give wider ingredients, personality, and feelings, they put each and everything together in a tone and created an entirely immersive experience of a flavor world. Just like a painter who mixes the Canva to give a complex tone, a simple blue wouldn’t do for sour blueberry. Each of these careful decisions adds nuance to their United sodas of branding and makes a complete sensory experience. They give their consumers a new experience, by presenting in a design & style which displays minimalism to represent their idea.

In addition to United Sodas, let’s see how Tupperware an American company that entered India in 1996 is disrupting this space of easy & portable kitchenware. They are a leading kitchenware brand in India and are completely into direct selling. They are well known for their quality of products and their trendy colours which mesmerizes Indian households. They have a range of designs and also create a custom-make designs entirely based on the customer's choice. Gone are the days where people used stainless steel boxes to carry their lunch wrapped in multiple polyethylene bags to avoid leakage or spill-over. Tupperware has changed this space to a larger extent now, where customers now carry their lunchboxes which are easily fit in the purse or bag. In addition, Tupperware with its innovative venting system has introduced FridgeSmart containers where you can keep fruits and vegetables are stored fresh for extended hours or sometimes days. In most households, people were apprehensive to use polythene or low-quality plastic product whose life was very short and often spoilt the packed product. Tupperware products are not only aesthetically design and varied colour but also, provide a lifetime guarantee. Any damaged product can be replaced by a similar new Tupperware product from any place in the world. They gave every homemaker a hope to use hassle-free product which can keep their food fresh for a longer duration. Blue, green, red, pink whatever the colour you love, you can get one or many for yourself. So, this valentine’s month, we obviously cannot give you the love of your life, but we can make you fall in love with the colours so you can have a colourful life head. Share your thoughts, comments, opinions, colours we would love to hear from you as you readers are the love of our life…


By Ishtiyaque Rabbani & Uday Kanth.