Did you know? Successful Branding starts with authentic disposing?

Do you make some purchasing decisions before purchasing any product or you randomly go to the store, or browse on the online stores and buy the product? Definitely, our purchasing decision depends upon the type of product or service we need. Consumer Behavior is all about the processes consumers use to SELECT, SECURE, USE and DISPOSE of products, services, experiences to satisfy needs and the impact that these processes have on the consumer and society. Whether we realize it or not, biases impact the way we select, use, and dispose of the products

Before buying products, or service we keep in mind a few elements, like which brand we need to prefer, where we need to buy, how and when to use the product or service, but have you ever made a pre-decision on how and where we need to dispose of the used products. Maximum of us won’t even consider disposing of the used product at the right place, even we don’t bother to consider it. It’s not only about us (consumers) who are neglecting this fact but according to me the marketers or organizations are even failing to meet this element. There are not many advertisements regarding the right way to dispose of that particular product. Here we failed to meet the need of our society, and the environment because we have never thought how improper disposal would harm our environment or society..

When it comes to selecting a baby diaper as a consumer, am I being judicious?

Yes a mother in me says yes.

Selection – As a mother, I select the best product for my young baby. I have a choice of various other brands like Huggies, Himalaya, Mammy Poko to name a few. I chose Pampers as it is tested in the laboratory. The website proclaims it is safe for my baby. It is from P & G that gives me another respite that I have made an excellent selection.

Secure – I made a purchase from a genuine source, mostly I prefer to buy from the departmental stores, and sometimes I used to order from Amazon.

USE – My baby is regularly using the product and I am happy with the performance of the product and it is meeting my expectations. I have never found any after-use effects of the product for my baby.

Dispose – Now here comes the twist, has anyone told me how to dispose of the diaper? Has P&G as an organization done enough to create awareness in the customer to dispose of the diapers properly? I am afraid I have not seen any such advertisement campaign. This is just one aspect.

Did I know it takes 500 years for one diaper to decompose? A 2019 report states 18 billion dirty diapers are transported to landfill in the United States alone.

On average, a baby uses 13,000 diapers in her diapering years.

This just leaves me with a question Am I being judicious? Is the organization doing anything about it? As a mother am, I making the right choice?

I hope organizations do enough to communicate the right ways to dispose of the dirty diapers and come up with more eco-friendly diapers that are easy to decompose but there is no compromise on the functionality of the diapers.

Author : Deepika Udeshi

Co-Author : Deepanshi Singhal