ARE YOU in FOR INDIA? - Micromax Cheeni Kam Hai

With the emerging tensions at borders and the Narendra Modi initiative of Aatmanirbhar Bharat, many Indian companies have seen this as an opportunity to set their foot in the market. Micromax has been hinting about its comeback in the industry by putting up tweets since the beginning of the year regarding the launch of the premium smartphone in the Indian market at an affordable price. And here it is, the Micromax is launching it's in series.

Aao kare cheeni kam...

There are already various Chinese brands in the market providing affordable premium smartphones for its customers, amongst such high competition will the Micromax upcoming in series would be able to make a comeback? Would customers choose in over the Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, and other more? Will there be a decline in the purchase of Chinese smartphones over the Indian?

Answers to all these questions will be clear in the frame of time

The Indian smartphone industry is a fierce field to dive into, with multiple players hungry for customers. Every business sees a cyclical process of ups and downs but this not in the case of smartphones. This industry has been growing ever since. When everyone thought the industry is at its saturation, instantly an innovation in the segments pops in.

It’s a battle arena where every gladiator is out to conquer the market.

Will the aged and wounded lion be able to restore its throne?

Will the audience restore its trust and faith in it again?

Let's dive into the inception of the Micromax

Micromax started as an IT Software company which provided software components to major mobile phone players in early 2000.

In the year 2008, it ventured into the smartphone market, this was the period when 3G was picking up. Micromax offered affordable 3G smartphones that made the company popular.

To showcase its global presence, it even tied up Hugh Jackman as the brand ambassador.

The fall of the Gladiator

Micromax did everything right on its part, it did everything it could yet it fell hard on its face.


What went wrong, a company so famous amongst the youngsters started struggling to sell.

There are several reasons why this company collapsed and the biggest was

Micromax never spent a penny on R&D. while the competitors in the market spent millions for the same.

This money that Micromax saved from R&D was utilized in giving a discounted price to what its competitors offered. Though this looked profitable in the short run, in the longer run, the company suffered immensely.

Micromax simply bought the smartphones from a Chinese manufacturer in bulk, branded its label, and sold the phone to the consumer.

The software was not optimized the quality was compromised and service centers took years to repair and yet the result was the same.

The customers started bad-mouthing the company. It was no more the favorite of the youth.

All of this because the company had no R&D facility to solve the issues. All these led to the end of the Micromax …. Or … a new beginning for it ... we’ll see Rahul Sharma, the co-founder of Micromax, has also released a video of him announcing the comeback of the Micromax brand in the Indian smartphone market with a very patriotic appealing.


(Link for Rahul Sharma's Latest video on in series on Twitter)


· The brand promoting itself through establishing public relation

· Middle-class beginning of the company.

· Becomes India’s No.1

· The Indian smartphone market is captured by the Chinese.

· Border riots.

· The PM’S Atmanirbhar call #VOCALFORLOCAL

· Spirit high for come-back

· Fight for India.

· Launch of the new in the brand.

The internet is buzzing with comments, both for and against the video. Few cursing the poor R&D of the company, while few are very excited to buy the new Micromax smartphone. Few have become nostalgic as the memory flashes back to their ever first smartphone that they had bought and was of the Micromax.

In one of the interviews, Rahul Sharma had said – “We are delighted to make a comeback in the Indian market with our sub-brand in. When you have the word India or in on you, it gives you a sense of responsibility. The weight of a billion hopes. But bigger than anything is the pride it gives. We endeavor to bring India on the global smartphone map again within mobiles’’.


In 1a is listed as the first smartphone under the new in the brand. Its Geekbench listings show a MediaTek Hello P35 processor and 4GB of RAM. It will come running the Android 10 software, although it is not certain whether it will be the standard version or the trimmed-down Android Go version. According to a report, the price of the smartphone would be under Rs 10,000. This means the phone seems under the budget of the majority and also it matches with Micromax's previous smartphone portfolio that had once captured the Indian smartphone industry.

The company had a fast turnover of Rs 10,000 crore. But it would be interesting to see whether Micromax will be able to win its glorious past, will it be able to smash hit and knock Chinese brands out of the market.

Tweetaraties are extremely excited for the in series and it is obvious with these comments, how excited you are ??

Micromax is set to launch it's in series smartphones on 3rd November 2020, @12pm IST, are you ready to reduce the Cheeni and stand with India.

Author : Deepanshi Singhal

Co-Author : Adib Hassan