Marketing Enthusiam

In branding literature, it is said that Brand Loyalty isn’t enough but Brand Enthusiasm is what matters. Now don’t ask me why! A 2014 IBM research suggests when consumers were asked two seemingly contradictory questions, “Do you consider yourself brand loyal?” and “Do you like to try new brands frequently?” both scored relatively high with consumers. This tells us that consumer brand loyalty is inconsistent and no longer associated with repeat purchasing. In today’s biosphere, consumers are loyal to invention, freshness and originality. Expectations are tall while switching costs are low. These power consumers are young, high spenders and above all, they bring a revitalized sense of passion and excitement for communicating, engaging and sharing their views with other consumers and brands. Brand enthusiasm is a new way for brands to view consumers’ desired level of communication, willingness to provide input and comfort with sharing personal data. 

This column discusses not only those brands that create such enthusiasm but also those brand enthusiasts who are setting the pace and creating new expectations for consumer Engagement.

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