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A recent study from Do Something Strategic, show despite an influx of consumer brands more publicly supporting social cause platforms, most efforts are not resonating with Gen Z. Cause is Working, Your Marketing Isn't: A Report on Brands Taking Stands 2019 found that 66 percent of young consumers say that a brand's association with a social cause or platform positively impacts their overall impression of the brand, and 58 percent say this association will impact their likelihood of purchasing that brand. However, across the 88 brands tested, an average of just 12 percent of respondents had "top of mind" associations between brands they were familiar with and a social cause or platform. 

This category discusses which brands shouted loud and proud about the social issues and caused consumers to take on their social handles and placards to create a lot of attal, battle and rattle around it, helping brands to engage young people around their purpose.

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