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Ever since I was a child, I found my mother to be very famous in her social circles while dad was famous within the family. Mom used to be famous because she earned prestige and recognition because of her talent. She always found her name mentioned in local newspapers. She practised Bharatnatyam (Indian form of traditional dance) both as a vocation and vacation, ever since I can remember. She has trained thousands of students under her. She was quite famous amongst her students, not only because she taught a traditional artform in a small town (Renukoot- a small north Indian town in Uttar Pradesh, famous for factories like Hindalco, which is now the world’s largest aluminium rolling company but also because of its strategic location that shares its borders with four states Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. A mineral-rich town, the place is now famous also because erstwhile it fell under the district of “Mirzapur”. Mirzapur is now notoriously famous because of the Amazon Prime series with the same name). Whoa!!! I can write a book on my place for I LOVE IT!. But moving back to my mom and dad. So, mom was very famous in that small town just not alone for her talent but for her celebrated lifestyle from her dressing to her unconventional career, she was someone every woman wanted to be or say every man would want his wife to be like. She could connect with people around her (which had people across generations) seamlessly creating awesome experiences. While my dad, in his hay days used to be the office to home kind of a man, who did any work he took up to the best as a robot can do. Till today, he does everything in a picture-perfect way. And that made my home, home sweet home and my childhood the most cherished one. Such was the overwhelming tale of my growing up.

Well, what makes me write about my parents in this editorial is twofold. 

First, everything good I start with in my life, draws its inspiration from my parents' life and second, I feel that every brand can learn from their marriage, a few essential points that keep their brand thriving through times.

A brand today essentially needs to be a “Picture perfect product”- selling its tangibles (what the brand is good at doing just like my dad and his home and factory skills) through its quality products and creating experiences (just like my mom) through its intangibles, which is created every second with its consumers through the ever ovulating online and traditional media it lives.

 While a BRAND OF TOMORROW needs to be as youthful like a youth who lives life through hedonistic choices, it also has to be as contemporary so that consumers can resonate with it through changing times. A brand of tomorrow needs to be the following 5 things:

  • Humane: Be and behave like one. It can be right or it can be wrong at times but needs to be HUMANE in all its acts like addressing the issues of its employees, understanding its consumers, even non-consumers (through social issues) and other stakeholders, just like a human living in a small town with neighbours who are like families.

  • Be a Tween at heart forever: Your product may have grown as a brand for over 50 or 100 years but you need to be as fluid as a tween. Fluid! Yeah, as fluid a brand that believes in being Expressive (through its communication) and experimental (through its products), which is crucial to teen life. After all, tweens of today can be your lifelong consumers tomorrow. Adolescence is a time for experimentation – cigarettes, perfumes, shoes and personalities – and as brands, you need to see if you are in these different sites and platforms for different types of conversation that your brand wants to be known for. After all, friends and trends that are analogous to tweens should be a synonym to your brand too, if you want to be talked about always. 

  • Be Consistent, Relevant and Authentic, Inside-Out: A successful brand of tomorrow will not be competing for share-of-wallet but share-of-life. Successful brands need to weave themselves into the lives of their consumers in an authentic and consistent way placing their consumers' needs at the forefront and viewing them as humans instead of transactions. Even online, it cannot be limited to rebates, coupons or big festive sales like traditional outlets with an over-the-top creative call-to-action. Relevant innovations that not improve lives but also make lives enriching, will make your brand relevant and trust-worthy. Take the example of Apple. I FaceTime my family regularly when travelling, read the blog and make notes for my classes (Ok, I did not tell you, I am a professor of Marketing) in my iPad, and the weight conscious man that I am, I end my day checking my steps on my Apple Watch. The company consistently delivers transcendent, treasured user experiences to the point that it has become an extension of who I am.

  • Uphold Purpose as a Business Crucial: Brand purpose represents your reason for being and what you stand for above all else. Brand purpose is often referred to as your North Star or your Noble Purpose, says Raphael Bemporad, founding partner of BBMG. Finding your “North Star” is the core of your brand purpose. Your purpose is about how you can use that North Star to better serve your customers—and the community at large. Your brand purpose should make you desirable to those people (consumers or would-be consumers) you hope to connect with, serve or oblige. Have you ever read the book “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek? One of my favourite quotes from the book is: “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” For example, Dove is one of the greatest purposeful brand. Why? Because their mission is about something far more profound than just selling soap and hygiene products. Dove is using its brand to help improve the self-esteem of girls worldwide. Be it their website or through their #speakbeautiful movement, Dove seeks to help girls gain more confidence in their beauty. 


Read our article on how Dove can cause Marketing Orgasm (Not literally orgasm that you think. It’s about brands that created waves) Link: Darling ! Am Having The Most Extraordinary Experience


  • Your voice, drools me over: Ever since I can remember as a kid, I was awestruck by an Indian actress, Rekha, for her beauty, the tonality of her voice and her distinctive, unique way of dialogue delivery…. Umm… Before I go to an unparallel universe with her for a fantasy ride, let me get back to the editorial. Well, for me, branding isn’t about how it looks visually, from fonts to colours to design styles. It is about Brand Voice (the distinct personality a brand takes on in its communications). Research shows that apart from delivering excellent products and services, a brand can stand out by speaking memorable content, exhibit distinct personality, compelling stories around it, and deliver excellent products and services.


My parents always taught me to be humane, remain young at heart, be trustworthy, have a purpose driven life and a unique persona that people can connect with...Whoa!! Probably that’s why my friends and students love me. Just like how brands are loved and cherished.



You must be garnered enough to realise while reading this editorial that the magazine Markasm (The blend word OR in branding community it is called “Borrowed interest brand name” is a cumulation of two words Mark borrowed from Marketing and Asm borrowed from Enthusiasm/Orgasm/ Sarcasm/Chiliasm/Chasm/ Azam and Asm).


Hence our LUCKY 7 categories are accordingly named:

  • Marketing Asm-  News for the week

  • Marketing Azam-  Articles on Brands that stood for a social cause

  • Marketing Chasm-  Ads and Brands that were discontinued recently and why

  • Marketing Chiliasm- Brands and Ads that were a blast from the past

  • Marketing Enthusiasm-  New Brands & Ads launched

  • Marketing Orgasm-  Articles on brands that created waves

  • Marketing Sarcasm-  Brands that made us laugh, ridicule or scorn


See you soon, with more stories from brands created out of common life stories just like yours and mine.

Yours truly,

Jeet (That's how people who love me call me, again borrowed out of my name Sumanjit Das)


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